Individual Services

Our Service Difference: The difference of our service we require probing information to make sure we are providing you the best tax deduction to maximize your refund. Unlike other agencies who just take what you give them and never ask tax experienced questions to help maximize your refund and or help with a higher deductible. 

Our Services:
Uprising Financial Legitimations,LLC worked closely with our professional tax software company who is IRS approved as well as developed virtually innovative by our Cyber Security based virtual software. This allows you the customer to upload documents with Knowledge Based Security. Our staff are trained professionals of not only certified EA’s and Accountants who obtain CPE’S, are specifically trained to review and probe each taxpayers financial circumstance to find better ways to give higher tax deductables while also maximizing their refund under the IRS Guidelines.. Our team does not just do a basic review of documents like other tax companies are used to doing. We created specific ways of probing our clients that many companies do not do we utilize this probing method for better ways to find deductibles along with audit through our internal audit evaluation in order to help prevent an IRS audit with our clients.

Our Goals:
Is to work harmoniously as an inspirational company with faith based principles to provide: Trust, Integrity, Loyalty, and Reassurance as we have been given the opportunity to service you through all your levels of financial needs teach and developing all businesses, individuals Military and their Family’s. We believe in helping our clients to get to the next level of financial security through our tax, accountant, and investment services while being innovative. We teach our clients how to succeed within their bottom line.

While reaching their financial goals, through our Financial One Stop Shop

All Military/Veteran and their families pay a based Flat rate Fee for TAX PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ONLY of $85.00 (processing fee not included) because we service our country first. 

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